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958 YN08 MLV N270UD 1860333 DARWEN C68401 H51/34F Silver Spare

More Details:
Bought as part of a batch of Darwen Omnidekkas (numbered 945-960) 958 arrived as Go2 White Spare. In August 2013 958 underwent a minor change on her exterior when the GO2 logos were removed and "Nottingham City Transport - Your Frequent City Bus Network" were added. This marked the end of GO2 and Network Spares, and these Spare vehicles are now used across both brands. In April 2014 958 underwent a refurbishment, where her buggy bay was extended resulting in her lower seating becoming 34F. 958 also became Silver Spare, entering service on 2nd May. On the 3rd June she transferred to Gotham depot and entered service on Go2 Uni 4. In September 2014 she was retrofitted with "Next Stop" audio announcements and free WiFi. On the 29th April 958 transferred back to Parliament Street depot, ready for use as a dedicated spare on Green 10 To contribute your own info, click here!

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|WiFi  |Spare |Omnidekka |PSG Depot |Full 
Vehicle Height: 13ft 11"   Tyre Pressure Front: 130 psi   Destination Blind: Bright Tech LTD   Wheelbase 6.6m
Vehicle Length: 12.2m   Tyre Pressure Back: 125 psi   Destination Version: 3.09 Ibis_005   Unique Feature -
Vehicle Width: 2.5m   Torque: 600nm   CCTV Cameras: 8   Advert?
WiFi? Yes  Fleet Name? No

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