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Fleet Registration Chassis Body Seating Brand
697 YN55 NGX N94UD 1851476 ELC C54221 H51/39F Unilink

More Details:
697 was bought as part of a batch of Omnidekkas numbered 690-698. In July/August 2014 697 was re-trimmed, refurbished, gained WiFi and repainted into Go2 Uni 4. The re-trimmed seats are that of "Nottingham Network" and not of "Go2" (unlike 690-692 which were retrimmed and repainted in updated Go2 Lime 58 livery before moving across to Go2 Uni 4). 697 entered service on UniHopper work on Aug 13th. To contribute your own info, click here!

This vehicle appears in the following fleetlists:
|WiFi  |Rear Adverts  |Unilink |Omnidekka |GOT Depot |Full 
Vehicle Height: 13ft 11"   Tyre Pressure Front: 130 psi   Destination Blind: Bright Tech LTD   Unique Feature -
Vehicle Length: 11.9m   Tyre Pressure Back: 125 psi   Destination Version: 3.09 Ibis_005   Advert? Go2 Uni
Vehicle Width: 2.5m   Torque: 600nm   CCTV Cameras: 8   WiFi? Yes
Fleet Name? No

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