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390 YX63 GXU Dart 4 23757 Enviro 200 D220/03 B40F Network Brown

More Details:
Bought in 2013, as part of an order for 33 Enviro 200s (a first vehicle type for NCT) 390 was in the third batch which arrived in August and consisted of 5 Network Blues, to be registered from Sept 1 and gain '63' registration plates. 390 was the third E200 to be repainted 'Go2 Green' in August 2015, entering service on the 28th. On the 29th April 2016 390 went for repaint, and was the last of the E200's to do so. returning on the 9th May and entering service on the 10th May. To contribute your own info, click here!

This vehicle appears in the following fleetlists:
|Network Blue |Enviro 200 |PSG Depot |Full 
Vehicle Height: 3.08m   Tyre Pressure Front: TBC   Destination Blind: Mobitec   Unique Feature -
Vehicle Length: 11.3m   Tyre Pressure Back: TBC   Destination Version: ICU 402   Advert? -
Vehicle Width: 2.4mm   Torque: TBC   CCTV Cameras: 9   WiFi? No
Fleet Name? No

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