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Fleet Registration Chassis Body Seating Brand
338 [?] YJ61 CFU M995 290111 OPTARE B33F GO2 Blue

More Details:
Bought in 2011 338 replaced Tridents on Network Brown. In 2013 she replaced Versas on GO2 Blue. Over the summer of 2016 the leather seating was replaced with fabric. To contribute your own info, click here!

This vehicle appears in the following fleetlists:
|Rear Adverts  |Go2 Blue |Solo SR |TBG Depot |Full 
Vehicle Height: -   Tyre Pressure Front: 105 psi   Destination Blind: Mobitec   Unique Feature -
Vehicle Length: 9.95m   Tyre Pressure Back: 105 psi   Destination Version: ICU 400   Advert? NCT Operator of the Year Award
Vehicle Width: 2.47m   Torque: 400nm   CCTV Cameras: 7   WiFi? No
Fleet Name? No

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