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Fleet Registration Chassis Body Seating Brand
209 YN54 AHC N94UB 1848386 SCANIA B42F Uni Hopper

More Details:
Bought for the Citylink 1 service in 2004, 209 then went Network Spare before becoming GO2 Uni 34. In July 2014 209 went for repaint into UniHopper livery, adding a bike rack at the rear. 209 came back from repaint on the 25th Sept, entering service on 6th Oct. To contribute your own info, click here!

This vehicle appears in the following fleetlists:
|WiFi  |UniHopper |Omnicity |GOT Depot |Full 
Vehicle Height: 9ft 10"   Tyre Pressure Front: 130 psi   Destination Blind: Mobitec   Unique Feature -
Vehicle Length: -   Tyre Pressure Back: 125 psi   Destination Version: ICU 400   Advert? -
Vehicle Width: -   Torque: 600 NM   CCTV Cameras: 6   WiFi? Yes
Fleet Name? No

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