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Fleet Registration Chassis Body Seating Brand
206 [?] YN04 ANR N94UB 1845419 ELC 46507 B33F Green Spare

More Details:
The first batch of genuine OmniTowns to appear in the United Kingdom were delivered to Nottingham City Transport in 2004 for use on tram feeder services. 206 was then branded for Pathfinder and in 2008, 206 became Network Maroon. In 2013 206 was given an engine refurb and became Network Spare. In Sept 2015 she transferred to Trent Bridge DepotTo contribute your own info, click here!

This vehicle appears in the following fleetlists:
|Rear Adverts  |Spare |Omnitown |TBG Depot |Full 
Vehicle Height: -   Tyre Pressure Front: 130 psi   Destination Blind: Bright Tech LTD   Unique Feature -
Vehicle Length: 10.6m   Tyre Pressure Back: 125 psi   Destination Version: 3.09 Ibis_005   Advert? T S Heating
Vehicle Width: 2.5m   Torque: 600NM   CCTV Cameras: 5   WiFi? No
Fleet Name? No
Services: Network Spare

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