Fleetlist Photos
Fleet Registration Chassis Body Seating Brand
946 [?] YN08 MSU N270UD 1860034 DARWEN C67702 H51/34F Pathfinder
947 [?] YN08 MSV N270UD 1860035 DARWEN C67703 H51/34F Pathfinder
948 [?] YN08 MSX N270UD 1860036 DARWEN C67704 H51/34F Pathfinder
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  • This route was the first to get the Versa, which was a new model to the fleet. The Versa's were replaced by Omnilinks which used to run on Ethanol in Autumn 2013. By Sept 2014 this route was operated by 3 Spare double deckers and 2 branded Omnilinks, and by the Autumn of 2015 the route was fully double deck, and a slight colour rebrand
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Page Last Updated: June 27 2017
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