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Fleet Registration Chassis Body Seating Brand Fleet Name
331 YJ11 OHB M995 290104 OPTARE B33F GO2 Green Sgt Heather Sutton
627 YN14 MUV N230UD 1886274 Enviro 400 D412/27 H47/27F GO2 Orange Alice Levine
717 YN53 CFZ N94UD 1845740 ELC C46108 H51/39F GO2 Unilink Phil Rowson
918 YT61 GPX N230UD 1875661 OPTARE C74718 H51/35F GO2 Lilac Les Roome
959 YN08 MLX N270UD 1860334 DARWEN C68402 H51/34F Silver Spare Sean Upton
962 YT09 YHP N270UD 1862298 OPTARE C70702 H51/35F GO2 Navy Josh Hill
963 YT09 YHR N270UD 1862299 OPTARE C70703 H51/35F GO2 Navy Barry Polkey
964 YT09 YHS N270UD 1862300 OPTARE C70704 H51/35F GO2 Navy Kieron Hill
965 YT09 YHM N270UD 1862398 OPTARE C70705 H51/35F GO2 Navy Keith Elliott
966 YT09 YHN N270UD 1862399 OPTARE C70706 H51/35F GO2 Navy Michael Chandley
967 YT09 YHU N270UD 1862510 OPTARE C70707 H51/35F GO2 Navy Barbara Green
968 YT09 YHO N270UD 1862983 OPTARE C70708 H51/35F GO2 Navy Karen Humble
969 YT09 YHV N270UD 1863086 OPTARE C70709 H51/35F GO2 Navy Maria Watson
970 YT09 YHK N270UD 1863288 OPTARE C70710 H51/35F GO2 Navy Iqra UL-Hassan
971 YT09 YHL N270UD 1863289 OPTARE C70711 H51/35F GO2 Navy Wayne Kidger
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