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The Good News...
You can work for us!! We are currently looking for local photographers to take photos of Nottingham City Transport's fleet, and then share them with the world via our website.

The Bad News...
You won't be paid for your work! However, we offer the below great features if you use us as your host!

  • No storage limit! - Upload as many photos as you like, whenever you like, in multiples Or batch upload via ".tar" or ".tar.gz" (no filesize limit)
  • Our software automatically adds a watermark, this can either be generic or one that you send to us. If you add your own watermark we can turn our watermarking feature off!
  • All photos uploaded remain the property of yourself and all credits are retained with the photo
  • We use "on the fly" image protection, we hide the URL to the actual image, we embed our website around all images and we have disabled the use of the "right click" function on a mouse, all for anti-leeching purposes
  • We automatically create thumbnails of all photos.
  • We include information about the fleet number at the top of each photo, with a link to that fleets livery group
  • You can email your photos to photos@nctfleetlist.co.uk and we will upload for you.
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Page Last Updated: August 30 2014
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